Vertical Log Corners

Available in 6″ & 8″ diameter

  • 6″ are commonly used for 1/4 log and or 1/2 log siding
  • 8″ are commonly used for 1/2 log or premier log siding
  • Cedar and in Pine to match your choice of log siding
  • Smooth or Hand-Peeled Hewn Finish
  • Can be custom Pre-stained to match your siding color.



Available in all log siding profiles

  • 6x6″, 8x8″ or 10x10″ sizes
  • Quarter Log, Half Log or Premier Log
  • Smooth or Hand hewn
  • Cedar or Pine
  • Unfinished or Prefinished with your choice of stain         

Saddle Notch

Available in all log siding profiles

  • Cedar or Pine Availability
  • 6x6″, 8x8″, 10x10″ Sizes
  • Smooth or Hand Hewn Surface
  • Unfinished or Prefinished with Stain