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Skyline Woods has been manufacturing quality wood products for decades.  Our state of the art milling facility called, Comins Lumber Sales, is located in Northern Michigan and produces the highest quality wood products that are milled, dried and hand inspected to meet exact specifications before they are ever packaged for delivery.

Most all of our wood is harvested directly out of Northern Michigan and it’s Upper Peninsula. The state was founded in 1837 and Michigan has been well known for a state that produces the utmost quality in its timber and wood products.

To start with, we’ve been sawing, milling, drying and molding lumber since 1978, (over 40 years!) and the Skyline Woods brand name of ours came along over 20 years ago. Our team lives with the trees that we manufacture our products from and there’s nothing more proudly shown in our employees, than pleasing each and every customer with a high quality wood product, with services that no one else can match! We are widely known for our commitment in going that extra mile just to satisfy each and every customer. We’re a family friendly and family owned business that leaves our customers feeling the same.

Repeat customers have come back to us time and time again, trying to replicate the look and feel they’ve had in a previous home with our products. Mainly, because they’re assured in how our wood products perform, look, and make the atmosphere feel so warm and rich. They know they’ll be greeted by our friendly sales team with care in achieving that awesome look again. So, it’s second nature for our friends to look us up for our unique brand of wood. Look us up at our main office, The Woodworkers Shoppe in Michigan.

Our products are kiln dried to specific minimum moisture contents to prevent shrinking, cracking and warping. Each board is thoroughly hand inspected and if any defects are found, they are removed to assure the best quality possible. Our log siding and paneling products are tongue-and-grooved and end-matched. We perform each stage of the milling process ourselves, everything from sawing the log, kiln drying, and precise milling to ensure that you are receiving the best in quality, design and affordability available.

 Skyline Woods is the trusted name for quality wood siding and paneling. Click on the link for a distributor that services your area.



Company Info